13 year old shot. A man killed in interrogation center (Bahan, Yangon)

Possible Violations:
  • Violation of Human Rights
  • Crimes Against Humanity
  • Police Brutality
June 19

Junta troops came into the neighborhood looking to arrest a man, Thet Paing Htoo (27) and accused him of being part of a defense force. He was beaten brutally on the street. Within the neighborhood there was a group of children playing, and they dispersed when they heard troops coming their way. The children were shot at and Maung Phoe Sein (13) was shot in the back. Instead of providing medical treatment, he was left against a light post and shortly died afterwards. Thet Paing Htoo was also tortured to death in one of their interrogation centers. His family was called the next day to collect the body.