Massacre in Bago

April 9 (On going)
Possible Violations:
  • Crimes Against Humanity
  • Violation of Human Rights
  • Police Brutality

Use of artillery, machine guns and explosives against civillians

Bago is currently suffering a brutal crackdown. While the number of protests have reduced, on April 8, there was a massive night protest. The next day, the military arrived and started shooting. People were defending theirselves with makeshift homemade rifles and muskets while the military is using disproportionate weapons of war. There is almost complete internet blackout so photos/videos are hard to come by. Almost all familes have ran away from the city to other villages. On April 10, due to informers and traitors, the security forces are now chasing the protestors to those villages as well.

At 2:15 in the interview below, the citizen claimed it is like they're bloodthirsty and shooting at anyone they see on the streets. Some vicitims are not even part of the defense line, some were just civilians who tried to run away because they were scared or because they peekd out to take a look.

Injured person dragged by a motorcycle

Witnesses say there are about 80 dead and the bodies cannot be recovered yet. All the dead and the injured were piled in a monastery. Security forces prevented the monks from providing any treatment and deny any sort of medical help. (confirmed) People are saying the injured are beaten with wires. One injured man was dragged along the road with a motorcycle. (Not confirmed. Will update sources when news and media cover this)

Charging people to recover the dead

As of April 10, 23:00, the latest news is that they are charging 1.2 lakh (roughly 85$) for the families to recover the dead. (In interview)