Execution and Home Invasion Caught On CCTV

Possible Violations:
  • Crimes Against Humanity
  • Violation of Human Rights

On June 19, junta troops invaded a home and killed 4 family members. 2 were injured and sent to a military hospital. Mizzima News reported troops were yelling verbal abuse and hurling stones and the dad went out to the road. He was shot on the spot. They then went into the house and killed 3 of the family members. (Funeral images by Mizzima below)

A few days later on June 24, a video surfaced on social media of CCTV footage. It contained a man shot by a group of soldiers on the street. They went into the house and grabbed the occupants. However, the footage does not include the killing of the occupants. It is not confirmed that the CCTV footage is that of the June 19 killings however it is very likely. While extremely blurry, you can make out the date on the top left of the video footage. 06-19-2021.