February 28 Massacre.

Possible Violations:
  • Police Brutality
  • Crimes Against Humanity
  • Geneva Convention: Protestors were denied medical treatment and arrested
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 5): No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

This is not an easy update to make. The total of deaths for each city might be different, that's why it's important for you to send us emails with evidences. UN Human Rights Asia puts the death count as "at least 18" although local sources put it in the 20's.

Cops shooting protestors for fun

The most blood boiling video captured today took place in Dawei. The soldier offered his gun to the cop, and everyone was spectating intently. After shooting, it must have hit a protestor because the rest of the cops started cheering and running after the victim. One of them even clearly gave the murderer a handshake. This is clearly a crime against humanity.


Total 4 deaths. 3 dead, multiple injured in Hledan. 1 dead in Thingankyun. The 3 deaths in Hledan: 1 shot through the eye. 1 shot through the chest. 1 pregnant teacher shot in the arm and had a shock(Uncensored image available on request). The young man who was shot through the chest was a family friend of mine. He had a twin and now his mother is heartbroken.

The death count might be even higher because there are eye witness accounts and photos that shows police picking up corpses and using sand to cover up the blood.


3 dead, multiple injured. One of the victim was a man on a motorcycle. He was not even actively taking part in the protest, yet they executed him on the spot with a headshot. Another vicitm was a woman, another headshot, executed and left on the street. She was a single mom with a kid who was just walking around the neighborhood, perhaps going back home. Another innocent bystander, killed. The kid is now alone and the neighborhood is taking care of him for now. People are planning to donate to him and I will update the contact information soon. We're still trying to track down the story for the last victim.

33rd Light Infantary Division (The same ones that committed genocide in Rakhine) also fired into the City Hospital. Another group of cops and soldiers fired into a mosque that provided support to protestors on February 27th. (video) No injuries reported.


3 dead and at least 20 injured. One off them was a man who was injured but still arrested without medical attention as shown in the image below. He was pronounced dead at the police station. You can see 2 dead people in the first video. And with the man who died at the police station, that makes 3 total deaths. However, DVB news claim there were 5 deaths and 67 injured.


1 Dead. He was shot in the head. These remote regions have significantly less media coverage and death tolls are conflicting.


2 Dead. 17 injured. (DVB News) 1 Dead multiple injured (Eleven Media) Update: [March 3rd] The two people who died were aged 17 and 18.


Final Remarks

I was only able to gather information on major cities with the most deaths. Death toll varies from UN Human Rights Asia of 18 deaths to more than 20 by local media. Do not forget the injured protestors that were arrested without medical treatment. There are probably more unannounced deaths during captivity. If you're a politician reading this, I would like to ask you, "How many of us must die for you to take actual action?"