Man who tried to put out fire died in captivity

April 4
Possible Violations:
  • Violation of Human Rights
  • Police Brutality

Ko Aung Paing Htwe came to help put out the fire that broke out in a ward administration office in Nyaung Phyu camp, Taungyi Shan State. Witnesses say he was beaten, prior to the arrest. Witnesses also say that there were no firefighters. (Note the repeated arson committed by the military in other cases as well) Two days later, his family was notified to come and collect the body. Based on the source below, Ko Aung Paing Htwe's body was exposed traumatic injuries to his head, ear, male organ and back with stab wounds, obvious signs of torture. The family was told "he was hit by a fire engine" and died of a brain hemorrhage. His chest was also stitched together, like serveral other corpses that were recovered.

However, that night, state media claimed that there were 10 fire engines and Ko Aung Paing Htwe was fleeing the scene, hitting the police in the process. They also claimed they found 2 bottles of flammable substances were recovered.