Humanitarian Aid Supplies Attacked

June 10
Possible Violations:
  • War Crimes

Humanitarian Aid personnels attacked

I'm sorry if this seems opiniated. The humanitarian disaster occuring right now is not going to end. It is only going to worsen. The sole perpetrators are the security forces. After they lose a skirmish or battle, they would go into villages, and destory properties, grab men and kill them in interrogation centers. And whenever fighting breaks out(usually OUTSIDE of villages) they would still intentionally target civilian areas with mortars and artillery, as they did in Demosoe and Mindat and countless other places. It does not end there; they not only cause thousands of people to flee into the jungles and wildlands but also prevent aid from reaching them for no reason whatsoever. Our people are some of the most generous people in the world. We are capable of supporting those in need. However, it is almost impossible when people and doctors delivering supplies are intentionally targeted and attacked.

In the state of Kayah, there have been thousands of IDPs in within a few weeks. On June 10, medical supplies, rice, and other food supplies were seized, and destoryed.

While most of the villagers managed to evade the soldiers, the corpses of an elderly couple was found in the ashes.