Artillery and Mortar fire in Kachin Villages

April 15-17
Possible Violations:
  • Crimes Against Humanity
  • Violation of Human Rights

KIA (Kachin Independence Army)

KIA is another one of Myanmar's many Ethnic Armed organizations. KIA and KNU are one of the few EAOs that have been actively engaging the Tatmadaw since around March. Shans and TNLA have also engaged in small skirmishes against the Tatmadaw as well but KIA and KNU remain the main groups to suffer the brunt of the Tatmadaw. On March 25, KIA took over a strategic base on Alaw Bum Mountain that was occupied by the Tatmadaw. In April, the military launched 4 days of airstrikes and lead an offensive in an attempt to recapture the base. Nearly the whole of Light Infantary Battalion 320 (about 100 men) that was sent to recapture the base was wiped out by KIA forces. Casualities include the battalion commander.

Apart from this main conflict, KIA forces have also engaged in smaller skimirshes in other townships that have been escalating. From April 15-17 the Tatmadaw used artillery and mortar fire on residential areas of Momauk township in Kachin state. 2 civilians were reportedy injured.

May 26: 14 year old killed from artillery strikes

June 6: Reports of using human shields in Putao to prevent KIA ambushes