Entire village of Kinma set ablaze

June 15
Possible Violations:
  • Crimes Against Humanity
  • Violation of Human Rights
  • War crimes

Kinma burned to the ground

After a skirmish with resistance fighters outside the village, the security forces came back and set the entire village ablaze. About 200 out of 230 houses in the community were completely destroyed. Rice, crops, livestock were all burned to ashes, leaving little hope for the villages to restart their lives.

While most of the villagers managed to evade the soldiers, the corpses of an elderly couple was found in the ashes.

State media announced that the fire was started by "terrorists"/resistance fighters. Note: This was their excuse when they exterminated Rohingyas villages as well.

Updated 2:50 am, June 22, 2021

A satellite image of the village was released by RFA Burmese. Sources