Mandalay Shooting

Possible Violations:
  • Geneva Convention: Shooting of Medics
  • Crimes Against Humanity: Murder of civilians
  • Police Brutality

2 dead. unconfirmed injured. Medics and ambulances who were trying to get to the injured were shot at by snipers. The protetsors already agreed to disperse. But they were ambushed and fired upon. All photos and videos taken in Mandalay on February 20, 2021 by various protestors and media photographers. Several injured were arrested. Anyone familair with the Burmese military will assume they're going to die in prison.

One of the victims was a 14 years old. He was not even a protestor. He was a volunteer medic.

Reports from friends in Mandalay says death count is now 7, however it is not confirmed.

Update: [February 24, 2021] One injured man that was shot in the knee and captured had been officially announced dead in prison.

Update: [February 28, 2021] Death count is now 4. Confirmed.

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