March 11 Massacre

Possible Violations:
  • Police Brutality
  • Crimes Against Humanity
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 5): No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Death Toll [Update March 11, 22:30]

  • Myaing Township (Magway): 6
  • Mandalay: 1
  • Myinchan: 1
  • Taungoo: 1
  • Monywa:1
  • Yangon : 1
  • Bago: 1

Myaing Township, Magway 7 Deaths (8 deaths unconfirmed)

Myain, a small town from Pakokeku region, was bloody with 8 citizens blood shed, on 11th of March. The protestors were protesting peacefully in front of a police station to release the two detainees, fellow protesters. As the crowd gets bigger, the police started using live rounds to disperse the crowd which resulted in at least 7 confirmed dead. Both DVB News and Khit Thit Media announced the death toll to be 7 while Mizzima announced 8.


Bago 1 Death 1 Injured

A male masseuse from Bago, who is also a mute, was shot to the head on the spot while passing by the protest. The military and police forces were dispersing the protest in southen Zineganine quarter, Bago township, using tear gas, rubber bullets. Things escalated quickly and around 12PM, they started using live rounds and put the barricades by the protestors on fire as well.

One was shot in the head. Another was shot in the leg.


Wat Kone village in Taungoo was seized by the military forces and the villagers responded by hitting pots and pans. Upon resistance, the military forces started shooting around 8 shots and one (M) was dead on the spot. The dead body was collected by the same military force.


Mya Taung protest, at 90 x 32 street, was forcefully dispersed by police and military force around 10:30AM, a youth was shot dead on the spot and the dead body was collected by the shooters as well. At least two other people were injured as of now.