Armed Forces Day Massacre

March 27
Possible Violations:
  • Police Brutality
  • Crimes Against Humanity
  • Violation of Human Rights

Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day commemorates the start of Myanmar's military resistance against Japanese occupation in 1945. It was when our beloved General Aung San fought against the Japanese. But over time, the Tatmadaw perverted it into a day of celebrating the Tatmadaw. Today was the 76th anniversary, and while the generals were having fun in Nay Pyi Taw, over 90 protestors were murdered across the country. This is roughly one third of our total death toll, in a single day. 5 of them were children. Click here for seperate section regarding the deaths of children.

Death Toll by DVB TV News

DVB TV News put the death toll at 87 for today.

Death Toll by Myanmar Now

By 16:30 Myanmar time, Myanmar Now puts the death toll at 91. However, their latest udpate at 21:30 puts it at 114 deaths.


Use of Snipers(Mogoak)

In a video captured by a civilian, one soldier was prone and used a sniper while another soldier switched between 2 guns. There is absolutely no reason to be using snipers against protestors.


Hidden Corpse With Gruesome Message(Mandalay)

On 58 street in Mandalay, a corpse was hidden in the generator. The message scribbled into the dust of the generator says "There is a corpse inside. Control your own kids."

  • Facebook Post of civilian who found corpse

Unprovoked killing of a motorcyclist (Dawei)

Three civilians were on a motorcycle when they passed the soldiers that were in pickup trucks. They proceeded to fire upon the civilians for no reason. 2 of them got away while the the corpse of the third motorcyclist was taken. He is presumed to be dead.


Another motorcyclist was shot

The man was shot in the leg and he explained in the video that he was just going home when he was shot

Shooting American Center(Yangon)

4 bullets were shot at American Center. No injuries reported.


Thousands took to the streets today in Pale, Sagaing

Not a crime, just an uplifting news I wanted to include. Despite the brutality, and estimation of 100,000 people took to the streets in Sagaing. We remain defiant.