Armed Forces Day Massacre: Killing of 5 Children

March 27
Possible Violations:
  • Police Brutality
  • Crimes Against Humanity
  • Violation of Human Rights
5 Children were killed and 1 was injured. We got this image from Mratt Kyaw Thu's Telegram channel in which his source was Myanmar Now. We were able to find articles about all children except the 16 years old in Pathein.

A 1 year old child (injured)

The child was shot in the eye with a rubber bullet in Mayangone (2nd quarter), Yangon.


Mate Hti Lar (14 Years old)

The soldiers invaded the house and shot the 7th grade Muslim girl. She was shot in the chest and died on the spot.


Mawlamyine (11 years old)

On Zayar 2nd Street and Zayar 5th Street, an 11 years old girl and an adult civilian were killed on the spot.


Shwe Bo (13 years old)

Amongst the 4 dead in Shwe Bo, one of them was a 13 year old child. The man in the video below is his father.


Mingalar Taung Nyunt railroad compound (14 Years old) //Unverified

According to the eye witness account, the soldiers came into the street and started shooting because there were barricades, not because there were protestors. The child, Sai Wai Yan, a 14 years old Hindu boy, was playing in the back alley when he was shot. The corpse was wrapped in a tarp they found nearby and take with them.