March 3rd Brutality

Possible Violations:
  • Police Brutality
  • Crimes Against Humanity
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 5): No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
  • Arson

Death Toll [Update March 5 22:30]

  • Monywa: 6
  • Mandalay: 2
  • Magway: 1
  • Mawlamyine:1
  • Yangon: 22

Yangon suffered the worst casualtiest today (Around 18 Dead, many injured)

A contact of mine said 18 deaths. [9:30pm local time]. Please consider the amount of people in criticial condition. The death toll might rise over night.

Police and soldiers from the 77th Light Infantry Division broke up a protest at Yangon's North Okkalapa roundabout with teargas and rubber bullets at 10:30am. Frontier saw police beat protesters and arrest 10 of them. From hiding, our reporter saw police kick and drag this wounded protester

In another video, many protestors were arbitrarily arrested and herded into trucks in Tamwe near Kyaung Myaung. Demonstrators were mercilessly gunned down with G3 rifles and live ammunition.

In the third video, the terrorists are dragging a body away, possibly hiding corpses. [Location not confirmed]


Proof of live ammo in North Okkalapa

The images are taken in North Okkalapa. There are way too many deaths for us to track down individually. Media is saying around 5 people have died. But one of the medical team members says 10 have died in an interview.

The following video was in North Okkalapa. A demonstrator was executed on the spot.

Medical Personnel were also assaulted. In the interview with one of the medics, he said that one of their team was shot in the leg and undergoing operation right now. His ambulance was also shot and attacked. He also said that death toll is around 10 deaths but it could be more.

Video evidence of an execution in front of Parami Sein Gay Har

Arson in North Okkalapa

Mandalay (2 Deaths)

On 3rd of March, a group of peaceful protesters were protesting at the corner of 84 x 30 streets in Mandalay and were dispersed using live ammunition by the police and military force. A guy named Myo Naing Lin, 39 years old and a 19 years old teenager girl, named Kyal Sin, were shot dead on the spot.

The video included is a recently surfaced video (March 5) the moment she (wearing a black shirt) got shot. If you slow it down, the she was running and suddenly fell down. This video is crucial because recently her grave was dugged up. Source(RFA Burmese)People are suspecting that the military is going to release some propaganda that she was beaten by "rioters".

Pyin Oo Lwin

Eye witnesses say the terrorists blocked the roads and opened fire on protesters. One was shot with live ammunition.

Monywa (6 Deaths)

The person holding the camera was yelling near the end that at least 5 have died and the terrorists are only aiming for headshots with snipers.

Mratt Kyaw Thu have also claimed 6 dead in Monywa. (latest update in his Telegram Channel)

Video of terrorists disposing bodies in Monywa


Myin Gyan (1 Death)

He was 21 years old. The woman on the car is his mom.

Final Remarks

Do not forget the injured protestors that were arrested without medical treatment. There are probably more unannounced deaths during captivity and the corpses that were recovered by the soldiers. We're being hunted down like animals. They're using snipers and aiming for our heads from long distance. We need help.