March 5th Deaths

Possible Violations:
  • Police Brutality
  • Crimes Against Humanity

Death Toll [March 5 22:00]

  • Mandalay: 1
  • Yangon: 1


Each bullet kills more than a person.

Ko Zaw Myo, 27 years old male from Mandalay was shot at the neck by the police and military arm forces while he was protecting a peaceful protest by the engineers this morning at the corner of 111 x 49 street. His wife who is currently five months pregnant, is left with 5 years old son as well.


Yangon (Tamwe)

Youths are being shot on the run.

Two guys from Tamwe, 162 street neighborhood, Yangon were shot while running away from the forcefully dispersed protest. One was shot in the head area; another was at the leg area. The third was arrested. They were completely unarmed and yet chased down until the last exit and into residential areas by the armed forces. The situation of the wounded is unknown for now.