Live Ammo Used in Myitkyina

March 8
Possible Violations:
  • Crime Against Humanity

On 8th of March, a group of protestors in MyitKyiNar, Kachin State, were dispersed around 12PM using live rounds and teargas, two, one male and one female, were shot dead on the spot while running. At least 5 people were badly injured. The public had carried the dead bodies inside the church and seek shelter in there. During the crackdown, they also shot into homes and parked cars. At the end of the day, the soldiers and police attempted to wash of the blood and get rid of the evidence.

In one of the photos below, you might recognize the viral photo of the police bowing to the nuns. It was posted around 11:53 am on the Facebook page. Less than an hour later, the armed forces fired on unarmed protestors. Please don't fall for the propaganda.

Our team was watching the live video of the event. It contains a clear recording of the dead and the on the ground situation. However, Facebook flagged it as sensitive content and we're unable to download the video. We're also not able to contact the uploader. Please contact me if you could download the video.