Night time Terror Tactics (March 7)

March 7
Possible Violations:
  • Terrorism? I'm not sure.

The whole Yangon was filled with sound grenades and gunshots on 7th of March night starting around 9PM in order to instill fear for the big protest on March 8th (International Women's Day) the next day. In addition to gunshots, flights were also heard around Insein area. Other townships were filled with gunshots and sound grenades throughout the night.
The West Yangon hospital staff residence, was also raided. (The First Video)
Public property such as cars were shot at and damaged. (Second Video)
Yangon people persisted and even shouted Happy New Year in response to the sounds of gunfire and sound grenades. (Third Video)
The armed forces even shot at the house of military supporters. (Last Video) The woman yelled "My father is a soldier and you still shot at my house?!" You can hear the owners loudly complaining swearing, and threaten to call their superiors. If only they showed that much rage when innocent people were getting shot in the head.

  • Eye Witnesses across the city
  • Live Videos throughout the night