Indiscriminate Attacks on Residential Areas

Possible Violations:
  • Police Brutality
  • Crimes Against Humanity

Tear Gas thrown into close proximity to residential areas

Young children, including a toddler and innocent bystanders who were in their own homes were affected by tear gas thrown by the terrorists.

Eye Witness Accounts
Destruction of Property

They started yelling at the people inside to open the door and come out. The video clearly shows them using slingshot at close range and the destruction of property. They were not here to arrest anyone in the house, since they just walked away after their attack.

Home Invasion and Robbery

A group of terrorists forced their way into a home and attacked a man and his pregnant wife. They also stole 400,000 kyats (around $300)The video is an interview with the woman. She said around 10 of them came in, both soldiers and cops and ransacked the place and took 2 of her purse.

Daylight Robbery of Motorcycles

Many people rely on their motorcycles for their livelihood, especially in more remote areas where they cannot afford a car. It is reported that captured motorcycles are being released for 50,000 ($40 USD).

Shooting and Invading people's homes

Multiple incidents of them shooting into people's apartments and houses. There are also photos of them on the balconies of people's apartments in their attempt to arrest fleeing protestors.

The following video was taken Yangon on March 3rd. A more specific location is not confirmed yet