Siege of Sanchaung

March 8
Possible Violations:
  • Violation of Human Rights
  • Police Brutality

On 8th of March, International Women's Day, protestors march to San Chaung peacefully and yet starting from midday, there were surrounded by military and police forces. The whole neighbourhoods - mainly Kyun Taw and Baho, were blocked to the point one cannot even go out to go to the market. Most of the protestors were seeking help and staying in the residential houses and apartments. Buddhist monks requested the armed forces to disperse for the day and let the protestors go home which resulted in vain.

Crowds from different townships tried to gain the attention of the police, and the entire city of Yangon went out to protest starting from around 9pm. Embassies from multiple countries stated their support and request the armed forces to allow the protestors to go home peacefully but they were determined to arrest the protestors. Around 8PM, the armed forces announced that they will be checking every household tonight and asked every household to cooperate. In reality, they basically tried to get every protestors from shelter and succeeded despite the public’s collective efforts. The whole San Chaung suffered from many abuses and gun shots until 3AM. Approximately, 50 protestors were arrested from the siege. They also arrested several household members.

The video below shows the armed forces shouting abuse at the populace, terrorizing them and challenging them to comeout and face them. At exactly 3:06 in the video, you can clearly hear the commander ordering them to aim and shoot for the head and the rest of the soldiers affirming the order.

The other video was taken around 10pm and displays the intensity of the situation.

  • Eye Witnesses across the city
  • Our Team's Personal Experiences